Kickstarter is live!

It is with 90% excitement and 10% anxiety that Meltdown Games announces that the Kickstarter for Gothic Doctor is live – and will be so for the next 30 days. With your help, we hope to bring our game to the world!

We’ll be printing with Ad Magic, a company who has printed, among many other games, Cards Against Humanity. They’ll be helping us to ensure that we’re able to bring you the highest quality game at the lowest possible cost. (In fact, after getting a quote from them, we were able to lower the cost of our game by $5 – which is great for everyone involved!)

So, head over to our Kickstarter page and see if there are any levels that might interest you. And if it would help you decide, feel free to take a look at our prototype deck. In the next few days, we’ll be adjusting that to account for a few small errors we noticed – but we’ll post about that soon.

Thanks for reading, and happy doctoring!

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