Help us help Ethan’s family

Ryan Bruns needs your help.

His son, Ethan, has atypical HUS, a rare disease where the red blood cells are inadvertently destroyed by the body thanks to clotting. You can read more about it here.

Luckily, Ethan has insurance, but anyone who has helped a loved one through a chronic illness knows that even excellent insurance doesn’t cover all of the expenses, especially the non-medical ones that come along with such long-term care.

So, Ryan put a bunch of games up for auction on BGG. Like, 33 pages of games for cheap – though I’m hoping that people pay about $100 for each of the games to help this guy out.

To add to what Ryan has to offer, my buddy Charlie from Sizzlemoth Games and I are offering ourselves. Sort of.

The highest bidder will get a custom-designed PnP game made by Charlie and me. That highest bidder will get to come up with the theme or themes in the game – and can stipulate any mechanics that he or she wants. And the more money this goes for, the harder we’ll work on it.

So, if you’re interested in bidding on a custom PnP made by two pretty good designers (if I do say so myself), just click here. We’re number 752 on the list. If you want to check out the auction from its start (it’s mostly in alphabetical order), click here.

Help this guy out. Get some games. But mostly help this guy out.

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