The Krampusz are here!

Each Christmas, Santa brings toys to the good children, and in America, he brings the naughty ones coal. But in the Alps, bad children get something much worse: stuffed in a sack and eaten by the Krampusse, a race of Christmas demons.

But we think you’ve been pretty good this year, right? So Meltdown Games is proud to present you with Krampus, a game where you get to either tattle on your friends or eat them later.  In this Werewolf/Mafia re-theme, you’ll play as either the children (who want to root out the Krampusse from their midst and tattle on them), the Krampusse (who are hiding among the children and taking their true form at night to drag a child off to their lair for their later feast), or a variety of other Christmas-related roles – including Rudolph, the Ghost of Christmas Past, and a mall Santa.

So, get a free PnP copy of Krampus here, get some friends, and start tattling!  And, of course, feel free to share the link with as many of your friends as you’d like. The PnP is and will always be licensed for free under Creative Commons. And let us know what you think in the comments!

Update: Some people had no idea that Krampus is a real thing, so we added some facts about it. Also, we tweaked the wording on a few cards and in the rules – including one big thing.  Apparently, the plural of Krampus is Krampusz, so we fixed that.

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