666? Try 713.

I just…wow. I mean, Twitter…wow. Thanks for the love today, Twitter-verse! We asked for 666 followers to release Inferno Inc, and we were thinking that might take a few days… But thanks to the Follow Friday love, the refollows, and the out-of-the-blue follows, we not only hit that, we crushed it! Thanks, everyone! Your support is amazing!

Okay. Enough thanking you…you’re here for the free stuff. Well, we figured we’d commemorate hitting 666 followers with a game about Hell. Fitting, right? Well, here it is!

In Inferno Inc, you and your friends play a group of demons who’ve been hired after the lackluster job that the previous demons had done in designing punishments for sinners.  Now, you’ve got the contract take care of the punishments for sinners arriving in Hell – and the ones who were mishandled by the outgoing demons before Satan fired them.  You and your team will need to figure this out before The Big Guy comes back from his business trip to Salt Lake City.

Set Up
Shuffle the sinner cards. The player who most recently committed a mortal sin is the first “project manager”. (Or, if you’re not into sharing sins with each other, the oldest player can go first. That person is likely to be the first to take a trip downstairs.)

Game Play
The project manager draws a sinner card from the deck or makes up a sinner. (Hey, while you’re doing the job, you might as well condemn a few people you hate, right?)  These sinners will be historical figures, literary characters, characters from pop culture, completely made up people, or the creators of the game. The project manager then reads that card, and each demon comes up with an eternal punishment for that sinner.  Remember, it should fit the crimes that sent the sinner to Hell in the first place!

All of the demons read their punishments, and the project manager picks the best one to present to Satan when he returns.

The demon with the best punishment – as decided by the project manager – becomes the next project
manager, and game play continues.

End of Game
The game ends after half an hour – but sometimes Satan is gone for longer than he says. If you’re enjoying yourself, keep going.  The Boss won’t mind.

Winning the Game
The player who earned the title of Project Manager most often wins.  Or whoever had the most fun. That’s kind of what we’re all about at Meltdown Games…


So, we hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for the Twitter love, and let us know what you think about the game! Are there any sinners that we completely forgot and need to have if we expand it past 66 of the damned? (And, in case you read everything before you clicked to download it, here it is again. Enjoy!)

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