Happy Father’s Day!

C-FangGothic Doctor began with a dream. I was working for my father (pictured on the left – the one who’s not Dracula – and who’s really a doctor), and he called me to get the pliers.

“What do you need pliers for?” (I’m logical even in dreams, I guess.)

“To take out Dracula’s teeth.” And as I walked in to the room, there was Dracula on the table. My dad walked over, clamped onto a fang, put his foot on chest of the greatest villain in all of Gothic literature, and started pulling.

Then, I woke up and sent John an email. “I know what game we’re making…”

So, happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there – the men who inspire us, who push us to do better and be better and work harder. And the men who encourage us to follow our dreams, no matter how weird they are.

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