What do you DO during a Kickstarter?

When I told people in my life that we were waiting until the end of the school year to relaunch Gothic Doctor, they would almost invariably ask, “Why? You’ve got the game done, right? Don’t you just have to launch it? What do you DO during a Kickstarter?”

On the flip side of that, people on forums that I’m part of – especially the great Kickstarter Best Practices and Lessons Learned – will often say that running a Kickstarter is a full time job during the campaign, except you don’t get days off and the pay is terrible.

Both of these extremes, I think, are probably a bit off. Sure, there are days I plan to spend 8+ hours on the Kickstarter, but not the whole time. Definitely days when I’m hitting a con – but those sleepy days in the middle? I’d be surprised.

Well, I’ve decided to put that all to a test. Each day during Gothic Doctor’s campaign, I’ll be blogging about what I did that day, giving a breakdown of what work I did on the project and when. If people want to know exactly what goes into a Kickstarter campaign, then keep an eye on the blog. My hope is that this can shed some light on what’s really involved with a Kickstarter project and serve as a lesson to others who are planning to run a campaign in the future!

So, see you tomorrow evening for the first of many posts about what you actually do during a Kickstarter! (And, if you want to check out the project page for Gothic Doctor, here it is!)

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