“What do you DO during a Kickstarter?” – Day 2

4:48 to 7:04 – woke up, stupidly looked at phone – big mistake, wiiiiiiide awake in “we got more backers!” excitement, messaged backers, Twitter, Facebook, worked on cards for early edition of game

7:04 to 7:38 – shower, dress

7:38 to 8:22 – worked on placing cards in printer’s template

8:22 to 9:31 – went to farm share with my mother (awwwwwww)

9:31 to 10:58 – sent Day One update, emails with backers, Twitter / FB, tried to figure out if I was seeing all of the shares of the link from our Facebook group or just the ones from our backers (I was seeing all of them…this took waaaaaaaaay too long)

10:58 to 11:43 – talked to brother on the phone and packed for convention, vacuumed house so that when I come back from board game convention my key still works

11:43 to 5:34 – worked on prints for DexCon, responded to tweets, went to post office to ship STAT! packages, waited, got frustrated, wondered why I don’t drive the extra 5 minutes to the post office that’s always 10 minutes faster, left, went to Staples to print, waited, was helped by a very helpful employee who did a great job but they need two of her, had lunch with a friend who backed at the STAT! level (so I’m not sure if this counts – but I’ll just take the 45 minutes out anyway), drove to DexCon, realized I hadn’t shipped decks, drove around Morristown looking for a post office since my phone died, mailed packages, checked in, got to room, thought about sleeping but didn’t, checked KS, messaged new backers, found out we were second on the Kickstarter table top games list (how do they calculate that anyway?), bragged about that on Facebook, felt a little bad about bragging on Facebook, messaged more backers, responded to Tweets

5:34 to 5:58 – hung out with my buddy Dave Simpson who, FYI, just launched a Patreon for his YouTube channel

5:58 to 7:49 – set up table at con, talked with Mac McAnally, whose Fire At Will is also on Kickstarter and looks like a lot of fun but I haven’t had the chance to play it, chatted with Michael Keller who I got to know at UnPub4, sat in on a Google Chat about UnPub’s upcoming Kickstarter to share how UnPub has influenced me and Gothic Doctor

7:49 to 10:01 – dinner & DexCon opening ceremony – I’m counting this as a break because sitting down and not doing anything felt pretty good for the first hour, then I was like, “I need to be working on Kickstarter stuff”

10:01 to 11:52 – went back to table, was about to go to bed when two guys stopped by to check the game out, ran them through a demo game and had fun, came back to room

Total Time Today: 14 hours even

Reflection: One of the interesting things about the work that goes into a Kickstarter is that a lot of what I did today – have lunch with a friend, go to DexCon, and chat with Dave, Mac, and Michael – are things that I’d happily do without the Kickstarter. Will DexCon be written off as an expense for the business? Yes, absolutely. But it feels sort of insincere saying that that’s just time spent on the Kickstarter. I’ll sleep on it, which I desperately need to do.

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