“What do you DO during a Kickstarter?” – Day 3

7:35 to 7:52 – awake because why would I want to sleep more than 5 hours before demoing all day at a con, that’s cool brain…thanks for that, no it’s fine, responded to FB posts, messaged backers

7:52 to 9:19 – talked to wife, showered, packed up, checked out, put stuff in car

9:19 to 7:57 – manned table, worked on early edition cards, helped a friend demo a game because he needed another player, demoed Gothic Doctor about seven times, answered a few emails, worked on cards more, realized I was getting less traffic because I had a computer open in front of me, put computer away, felt bad about not getting back to backers today, booth buddy showed up after work and me told me that the project was close to $5000, his arriving allowed me to get on Twitter, hit $5000, update to backers, upgraded sense of Kickstarter from “cautiously optimistic” to “optimistic,” got a backrub from Dave Simpson because he decided I looked tense, demoed Gothic Doctor

7:57 to 8:30 – dinner, breathing

8:30 to 9:32 – demoed Gothic Doctor, sat in on a playtest of Briefcase from Nazca Game (excellent micro game), cleaned up table and left note for folks who might come by tomorrow while I’m away, left pins and promo cards

9:32 to 10:54 – drove home; actually saw wife

10:54 to 11:22 – sent backer tracking number for STAT! package; updated blog

Total Time Today: 13 hours, 35 minutes (minus 5 minutes if you count the backrub)

Lesson of the day: Don’t have your computer out if you’re manning a con table. You’re there for people to talk to you. Demonstrate that you want to talk to them – and if you need to use your computer, just step away from the booth for a little bit.

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