“What do you DO during a Kickstarter?” – Days 4 through 6

Holiday weekend + con + con-related exhaustion + funding + personal messages to all awesome backers = not getting to this for a few days. Sorry about that, everyone! But, the great record keeping is back! So here we go…

Day 4

9:04 to 10:13 – emails re art & stretch goals with co-creator, created survey for social stretch goals

10:13 to 1:38 – prepared for an ill-advised (but very fun) 4th of July party at our house

1:38 to 3:18 – caught up on sending out emails to backers, told guests I’d be with them in a minute, was with them in three minutes

3:18 on – party, no regrets, needed day at least partially off to prep for next two days

Total Time Today: 2 hours 49 minutes

Day 5

7:54 to 9:04 – drove to con

9:04 to 12:07 am – organized table that people had been very conscientious not to mess up, manned table, demoed, talked to Jeff (our artist) who came to con, introduced artist to others, demoed, wolfed down Chinese food, demoed, finally tried one game I had been meaning to play all con (Fire at Will), wolfed down tacos, demoed, demoed

12:07 to 1:09 – drove to friend’s house that was slightly closer than my house but not quite as close as I thought it was but at least I didn’t have to drive

Total Time Today: 23 hours, 15 minutes

Sprinkled in there might be an hour and a half of playing other games that I wanted to play or just having a breather with other designers – but not more than that… So, if you were wondering why I didn’t post… šŸ™‚


Day 6

9:34 to 10:37 – picked up friend of friend, drove back to con

10:47 to 4:49 – demo, demo, demo, demo, test new game that was awesome, demo, demo, short break to play other awesome game, demo, clean table (maybe an hour and a half of non-Gothic Doctor gaming)

4:49 to 6:04 – drive home, promise wife on ride home that I won’t check Kickstarter and will just spend time with her

6:04 to 8:46 – relax, take walk, eat dinner, play co-op video game, need to find hidden item, use phone to check internet, see that I have 8 new emails almost all from Kickstarter, resist pull of checking, wife uses bathroom

8:46 to 10:46 – totally go back on promise, alternate between playing and checking emails, pace back and forth because we’re $81 away from funding for half an hour, tweet a bunch while pacing, respond to tweets [I’m going to count half of this time as time spent on the game – that’s probably close to fair and it was probably a little less time with my wife]

Total Time Today: 6 hours, 35 minutes


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