“What do you DO during a Kickstarter?” – Day 10

Today’s entry is going to be earlier, because I owe my wife a date night. Like, really, really owe her a date night. So, she’s getting a date night.

7:36 to 11:02 – sent out update announcing new action cards and new patient card, finally caught up on messaging backers

11:02 to 1:41 – had lunch with former students, talked about things that weren’t Kickstarter, felt like a human

1:41 to 5:37 – messaged a few more backers, worked on updated images for the site to indicate that we funded, posted to Facebook & Twitter, talked with Matt Holden from Indie Game Alliance about how the project’s going, realized that there was something wrong with the videos on the page, tried to fix it, contacted Kickstarter because even reuploading the videos didn’t help, edited the page to note the problem to backers, went to show it to my wife, noticed that it had been fixed, re-edited the page, wrote this post and started date night…Goodnight, internet!

Total Time Today: 7 hours, 22 minutes

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