“What do you DO during a Kickstarter?” – Days 7 through 9

Not post updates to you blog, apparently. 🙂

Day 7

8:08 to 12:43 – wrote thank yous, responded to tweets, posted an update, Twitter

12:43 to 2:04 – lunch with mom, got email that UnPub’s Kickstarter had launched, apologized to mom and backed it just in time to get a table

2:04 to 4:38 – tweeting, updating blog, messaging backers

Total Time Today: 7 hours, 9 minutes (plus five minutes of apologizing to my mom for being on my phone during lunch


Day 8

10:25 to 3:23 – completed cards for the early edition, computer crashed part way through, created new survey for action card and patient card voting, updated backers, drove to New York to demo

3:23 to 6:45 – hung out with Herb Ferman from Game and a Curry, played Gothic Doctor, played Paperback, ate burritos, played Splendor

6:45 to 12:33 – demoed Gothic Doctor at The Uncommons, drove home, realized I hadn’t done two things I needed to do via email, staggered into the house and sent emails

Total Time Today: 9 hours, 13 minutes


Day 9

7:30 am to 6:59 pm – spent time with my wife (off from work today), hung out with friend and her kid, she asked why I hadn’t responded to a question in the comments of the project, gave her a confused look and then responded to the question, hung out more with them, met former student for coffee, played Gothic Doctor and Paperback, tried yoga

6:59 to 9:43 – turned off voting for new cards, emails to backers, interview with Jeff King from All Us Geeks

Total Time Today: 2 hours, 44 minutes

Lesson of these three days: You need to make sure that you have built in “days off” from the project. If you work for 23 days straight, you’ll go insane. Driving home from NYC, I decided that Wednesday needed to be more of a break day – and that I needed to have more of those in the future. Sundays will be like that for the campaign – though things will also likely slow down once I get caught up on emails and as the mid-campaign slump (probably) happens.


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