“What do you DO during a Kickstarter?” – Days 11 and 12

Another early post – along with a late one from yesterday, since I figure that sort of balances out, right?

Day 11

8:15 to 9:22 – mowed lawn

9:22 to 12:42 – messaged backers, updated KS, updated images

12:42 to 5:02 – tutoring, met friend for coffee

5:02 to 5:57 – messaged backers, emails with co-creator about art & stretch goals

5:57 to end – took the rest of the night off

Total Time Today: 4 hours, 15 minutes


Day 12

9:30ish to 11:30 – yardwork, fun with ladders and poison ivy

11:30 to 12:18 – Jack the Ripper research for newest backer-chosen patient

12:18 to 1:56 – ran errands

1:56 to 2:48 – tabulated votes, updated backers about new patients and actions, emailed artist and co-creator about art, updated images on Kickstarter for reached stretch goals, updated this here blog

2:48 to end – took rest of day and better part of tomorrow off because I need a break and the Kickstarter is hitting its mid-point slow down (though if you’re reading this and want to help ease that, you could always click here)

Total Time Today: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Lesson of the day: If you’ve done a lot of planning ahead of time, the Kickstarter is decidedly not like a full time job when the days are slow. Templates for images that you’ll be adding during the campaign are your friends.

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