“What do you DO during a Kickstarter?” – Day 15

7:32 to 8:10 – messaged backers, updated Twitter, did yesterday’s blog post today (yay time travel!!)

8:10 to 1:20 – ate breakfast with my grandfather, explained Kickstarter to my aunt (doesn’t count as work, I don’t think…), cleaned the house

1:20 to 6:52 – printed at Staples, got email saying we’re a Staff Pick, rushed home, sent out update, updated main image for project, cut entries for 24-hour contest, tested entries for 24-hour contest

6:52 to end – went to see the Rifftrax guys tear apart Sharknado, laughed a lot, ate Taco Bell in the theater, felt like a badass for sneaking it in, realized I wasn’t a badass, still enjoyed my bean burritos, ran into a backer and friend coming out of the theater, talked about the project for a minute (doesn’t count as work), came home, went to bed

Total Time Today: 6 hours, 10 minutes

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