“What do you DO during a Kickstarter?” – Day 23

Long delay on this one… We were having password problems with the website, which might have just been my inability to type correctly…

7:25 to 9:21 – messaged backers, updated images on page for new stretch goals, updated blog

9:21 to 12:32 – went to mall with wife, who was inauspiciously off today

12:32 to 5:43 – messaged new backers, updated images for the site, prepped for wrap party, prepped images for the final revisions to indicate post-KS plans

5:43 to 10:00 – hung out at wrap party, taught Gothic Doctor to some backers who hadn’t played yet, played Fire at Will

Total Time Today: 10 hours, 24 minutes

I’ll be posting a more in-depth wrap up soon…ish. Given the delays of updating this blog, you just never know.

1 thought on ““What do you DO during a Kickstarter?” – Day 23

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