Dreamation Schedule

For those of you in the greater NJ area, I can’t recommend Dreamation strongly enough! All of the Double Exposure events I’ve been to have been fun, well-run, and just generally a great time! If you want to pre-register, there’s still time! Head over to Dexposure.com and sign up! Then, when you’re there, find me and I’ll hook you up with some Gothic Doctor schwag, show you the new card art, and, if there’s time, get in a game with you!  I’ll be getting there around 4:30 on Friday…traffic permitting.


Here’s the schedule of official events that I’m running:

F 10p-12m Legendary/Dark City

Sa 9-11a Whodunit

Sa 2-4p Gothic Doctor

Sa 4-6p Circus Divas

Sa 10p-12m Ubi (w/Chris Zinsli from Cardboard Edison)

Su 10a-12n Circus Divas

Su 1-3p Gothic Doctor

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